Networking Evening

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Publicity Material for ‘Take Flight’ exhibition 2021
by Joanne Tinker and Louise Hepworth-Wood
(photograph by Richard Bunce, aka Walking Photographer)
The evening saw Ilkley Arts Hub Members gathered in the Ilkley Art Studio to share their experience of putting together and publicising exhibitions. From attracting audiences via social media to engaging the services of a professional photographer, film maker and printer, there was a valuable exchange of know how around the table.
Artists Joanne Tinker and Louise Hepworth-Wood lead the conversation. Following their successful application for an Ilkley Arts Bursary last year, they were able to promote their work professionally and stage a well-attended pop up exhibition in the Ilkley Art Studio, which brought new audiences to Ilkley Arts and resulted in new commissions for the artists. Talking about their experience of collaborating in the exhibition Take Flight they touched on: the value and use of the bursary, the process of commissioning other art professionals in making promotional material, the practicalities of hanging work in Ilkley Art Studio, labelling and pricing work and the benefits of holding a preview event, as well as launching and sustaining a successful publicity campaign.
Thanks to Jo and Louise for sharing their insights – and to all who attended for engaging and sharing their own ideas and experiences. It was a really useful exchange and so lovely to meet again face to face.
The next Networking Event will be held in the Ilkley Art Studio on 12th April, to be led by artist John Gamble, and the focus will be on strategies for overcoming creative block. Bring any strategies you have found helpful to throw into the melting pot or sit back and absorb the varied approaches of other hub members!
These events are FREE to Ilkley Arts Hub Members

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