Bloomin’ Buds: Edinburgh Showcase

Bloomin’ Buds: Edinburgh Showcase

August 29, 2023 Off By admin

Thu 19 & Fri 20 Oct | 7.30pm | Pay What You Decide

Bloomin Buds are once again bringing two powerful and moving shows back to Bradford.

Based on true stories, Where Is Love and Break The Chains have been wowing audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Break the Chains

A true story about overcoming some of life’s greatest hurdles. With a history of loss, addiction and heartbreak this Bradford bloke tells us how he turned his life around and became a mental health advocate on the world’s biggest stage, warts and all. An hour of honesty, laughter and inspiration.

Thu 19 Oct | 7.30pm | Pay What You Decide

Where is Love

A proper Bradford lass born 1959, Shelly is a firecracker. A chilling coming of age experience of unyielding adversity. Follow this true account of one woman’s brave fight against the cycles of domestic abuse. A gritty story about sisterhood, family secrets and broken hearts that somehow leaves you laughing.

Fri 20 Oct | 7.30pm | Pay What You Decide

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The post Bloomin’ Buds: Edinburgh Showcase first appeared on Kala Sangam.

The post Bloomin’ Buds: Edinburgh Showcase appeared first on Kala Sangam.