Bradford Cultural Volunteering Programme boost

Bradford Cultural Volunteering Programme boost

October 12, 2022 Off By admin

Bradford Council has received an award of £250,000. This will be to boost the Bradford Cultural Volunteering Programme for the UK City of Culture 2025.

The London 2012 legacy funder, Spirit of 2012 has announced the award of a quarter of a million pounds to Bradford Council, this is to develop volunteering in the area. They will use this to deliver on plans set out in the successful UK City of Culture 2025 bid for the district.

The Bradford Cultural Volunteering Programme will lay the groundwork for the volunteer programme for UK City of Culture 2025. They will recruit approximately 1,750 volunteers, leading on to create pathways into cultural volunteering.

Who is involved?

The project is managed by Bradford Council in collaboration with Community Action Bradford & District and Bradford Culture Company (BCC). BCC is the organisation that will deliver the district’s UK City of Culture 2025 programme!

What does this mean?

This means, the fund will enable more UK cities to reap the benefits of events-driven volunteering. This is irrespective of whether they’ve won the designation or not.

The funding will be used in the Bradford district to:

  • strengthen the existing volunteering infrastructure – with a clear plan for how this will be delivered over the long term
  • identify and engage a cohort of new volunteers, those who stand to benefit from volunteering with the project, and its impact on them
  • generate insights into a number of key areas. This includes how to recruit and retain people who are least likely to volunteer, and how an inclusive and diverse volunteering offer can deliver community wellbeing and culture-led regeneration strategies.

“Community Action Bradford & District are excited to be a key partner in this programme.  We will be working closely with our cultural partners and local community groups to develop an exciting offer around volunteering with a focus on engaging younger people and making volunteering accessible for all.  This opportunity will enable us to be in a great position when the UK City of Culture begins in earnest in 2025.”

Soo Nevison, Community Action Bradford and District

For more information, please contact Alice Marshall in Bradford Council’s Marketing and Communication Team via email

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