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January 14, 2021 Off By admin

Community Action have volunteered to take a co-ordinating role in a piece of work that has been identified by Bradford Council for this lockdown. Bradford as a whole did such a grand job in the first lockdown and beyond into the second, that in this third time round most of the urgent needs for our communities (food parcels and other life sustaining measures) are covered.

What is left though is the growing loneliness and lack of physical connectivity we had prior to lockdown, leaving people feeling more isolated and lonely than ever before. Therefore, we are developing a loneliness project, along with partners, which links nicely to the ‘looking out for your neighbour campaign’ around providing ideas and materials to keep people occupied and to help them reach out to each other.

We are asking for donations of craft materials, unwanted puzzles, books, CD’s/DVD’s, Christmas gifts that will never be used or just anything from a declutter that can be used to spread a little happiness elsewhere.

We are working to provide COVID secure drop off points for donations. We will be sharing a variety of information on activities and resources and both will be listed and accessible on Community Actions website.

Bradford has pulled together really effectively as a community since March last year, and such work has seen Bradford much better prepared with food parcels and other life sustaining necessities. Let us pull together one more time and tackle the loneliness many of our neighbours are experiencing.

If you have anything you are able to donate, or you would appreciate any of the materials or for further information, then please get in touch with

Neighbourliness Activities and resources

We will keep updating this page as information becomes available. If you would like more information about the Neighbourliness project or this page please contact Gill Blamires via email