The EU Roma community want to share a traditional European celebration Mikulas (St Nicholas Day in English) with Bradford and the wider community on the 6th of December at 16:00 till 18:00. Connecting Roma C.I.C are wanting to host this celebration in Bradford Centenary Square to showcase and share this amazing celebration with traditional European food, traditional music, performances and activities.

Then Mikulas, an Angel and a Demon (people dressed up with props) will come out and interact with the crowd, presenting children with a small gift as the tradition goes. As a Community Interest Company they have limited to no funding for this project and are looking to cover most of the cost themselves, however any support would be much appreciated; especially in making the gift packs for the children that will be given out by Mikulas.

They would also like to ask you to donate any chocolates such as advent calendars, chocolate Santas’, any chocolate treats, candy, small toys, books, games, activities etc. Your help will make a huge impact and will be much appreciated. For donations please call or text Daniel on 07952304268 or email