Keighley Community Health Grants- Briefing Event

Keighley Community Health Grants- Briefing Event

April 19, 2021 Off By admin

About this Event

GiveBradford and Power to Change have come together with the aim of creating a community led health offer in Keighley. They aim to improve health outcomes for local people by supporting community groups and community businesses to engage with social prescribing.

They also want to provide funding and support to community organisations and community businesses, so that they can meet the health and wellbeing needs of people in Keighley, and to strengthen their capacity to engage with local GPs and health service commissioners. Over 3 years, they are hoping to support the development of a strong community health infrastructure in Keighley, and to ensure that community is at the heart of the health system in Keighley and Airedale.

GiveBradford and Power to Change are delighted to invite you to attend an online briefing event on Thursday 22 April 2021, 10:00-11:00.

If you are thinking of applying for the Fund and would like to learn more then please join them for this briefing event. This event will give you an opportunity to meet fund managers, learn more about the fund and criteria and will include a presentation explaining the application process, guidance on the evaluation process, and a Q&A session.