Lisa Creagh: Holding Time Exhibition

Lisa Creagh: Holding Time Exhibition

August 24, 2022 Off By admin

Mon 7 Nov 2022 – Mon 30 Jan 2023

Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm & Sat 9 am – 3pm | Free

This socially engaged feminist art piece will create a contemporary portrait of breastfeeding today in all its glory. The Holding Time Project aims to address and overturn breastfeeding preconceptions and myths, and challenge stereotypes; but above all else, improve breastfeeding rates, in the region by harnessing women’s breastfeeding knowledge and wisdom. This project harnesses expertise from both professionals and mums. It is founded upon the value of lived experience.

Women were also invited to participate in writing workshops and a photo shoot. Across audio, video, animation and stills, the mothers discuss breastfeeding in all its complexity, highlighting challenges as well as answering many questions about why many women who want to breastfeed, stop before they are ready.

Lisa Creagh says, “Breastfeeding isn’t just invisible in culture, on TV, in the media, it’s invisible in our lives, our photo streams, our messages. It’s a maternal experience that is widely misunderstood, ignored and sidelined, despite occupying many countless hours, of the mothers who practice it.

These women are at the heart of The Holding Time Project. Their voices and the validity of their experience is the central structure of the project. Their ideas about what needs to change, what should happen and doesn’t, how things could be different and better are the driving force behind the project.”

Photographer Lisa Creagh will also be inviting women in Bradford to participate in the next phase of the project, through writing workshops and photo shoots.

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