Make Sure it Adds Up – Critical Thinking

Make Sure it Adds Up – Critical Thinking

November 29, 2021 Off By admin

The Make Sure It Adds Up campaign aims to get more people from across the Bradford District to practice and promote ‘critical thinking’ when receiving and sharing uncertain information either online, in person, or over instant messaging apps.

Critical thinking might be described as the ability to reflect and think independently. When we think critically, we’re able to safely and respectfully question ideas and assumptions rather than simply accept them.

Toolkit and Resources

As part of the campaign there is a toolkit and other resources that you can download to help you understand critical thinking and share the campaign and its messages with others. Download from: ,

Campaign event

Thursday 9th December 10.00am to 12.00pm at Tapestry Arts Bradford, BD4 9NW

This will be a chance to:

· Hear more about the Anti Rumour and Critical Thinking Strategy and Make Sure It Adds Up

· Learn how you can support the campaign and sign up to support.

· Find out more about the training toolkit and how this can be used in a range of settings to learn more about critical thinking.

Visit , to find out more.

Training for the Voluntary Sector

Community Action are organising free training for the voluntary sector This will:

· Introduce you to the topic of critical thinking

· Explore critical thinking as an alternative to myth-busting

· Understand why it is important and relevant to you as a voluntary sector organisation

· Introduce you to new tools and resources that have been devised

· Discuss how you can use these tools in your organisation (staff, volunteers and the young people and/or adults you work with)

We will be running an online training session on 18th January 2022 from 2-4pm. ,Book online