Makers call out – Chemnitz 2025

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Are you a ceramicist, work with glass, metal, 3D printing, wood, textiles, paper, print media or more? We have an exciting new opportunity to visit and participate in Makers United a four-day Maker Festival in Chemnitz, Germany from 28 of June to 3 July 2023. 

Bradford 2025 and Leeds 2023are working closely with European Capital of Culture, Chemnitz 2025 to build international links and networks between our cities and cultural programmes.   

Makers United is a city-centre maker festival in Chemnitz and will see national and international creatives, designers, doers, and artists come together to network, exhibit their work and host public workshops, talks and demonstrations.  The festival opens with BEAM – two days aimed at school groups, with a focus on hands-on workshops. 

The invitation

Chemnitz 2025 have invited 10 makers – 5 from Bradford and 5 from Leeds – to travel to Germany and participate in Makers United 2023.    

This is a unique opportunity to showcase your practice to a new international market and network with likeminded creatives.  Chemnitz are particularly interested in makers who can offer demonstrations of their craft and participatory opportunities to the public and schools – ‘hands on’ opportunities to understand more about the craft of making. 

The opportunity includes:

  • Contribution towards travel to Chemnitz of up to 250 euros (approx. £220) 
  • Costs for bed and breakfast for 5 nights 
  • Per Diems (allowance per day to cover costs like meals) at £40 per day (£200) 
  • You will be partnered with an artist/maker from the Chemnitz district as part of the visit and you will be able to sell at the event.


  • June 28: Travel to Chemnitz 
  • June 29 and 30 (8am-1pm): Beam! Be a maker – maker festival for school groups  
  • July 1 and 2 (10am-6pm): Makers United festival  
  • July 3: Return to UK 


To apply you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be available for the dates in June 2023 
  • Live in Bradford or Leeds 
  • Own a valid passport and able to meet all entry requirements to Germany. 
  • Aged 18+ 
  • Be a practicing Maker, either professional or able to demonstrate how your work shifts beyond a hobby-level 
  • Have experience of delivering workshops/demonstrations 
  • Your craft is something which can be included within a market setting, i.e. people could buy what they make.  

To apply

Fill out the application form here

Deadline for applications: 14 April at 5pm. Decision made by: 19 April. 

Successful applicants will be invited to an online networking meeting with makers and Maker United organisers in Chemnitz on the 26th April.

Photography: Chemnitz European Capital of Culture 2025 by Ernesto Uhlmann