Meet the Buyer, West Yorkshire:

Meet the Buyer, West Yorkshire:

February 10, 2022 Off By admin

Local Authorities across the West Yorkshire region are looking to hold a Meet the Buyer event to encourage local suppliers to engage.

They are very interested in hearing from local suppliers to help shape this meet the buyer event. This will make sure they are as beneficial as possible. They have put together a survey to gather this feedback.

If you are a Local Authority supplier then this survey is the right place for you to have a say. An example would be a community group that is paid to provide a day opportunities service; or a private sector construction business.

You will be asked about any previous knowledge or interactions you’ve had with the public sector procurement process in West Yorkshire, as well as how the process could be made easier. Think about if you have bid on public sector contracts in the past, and how you found the process – could it have been easier? If you haven’t bid on any contracts before then think about why not and what might have made you feel more empowered to apply.

The deadline to complete the survey is Friday 18th February 2022 so be quick!

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