Otherhood Writing Workshop

Otherhood Writing Workshop

August 18, 2022 Off By admin

Childlessness or being childfree – either through choice or circumstance – cuts across society and affects many people. Even though there are more and more adults who are without children, it’s a subject that is often not talked about.

We want to make a new theatre show that explores this for everyone -­‐ celebrating those who choose to be childfree, at the same time as offering support and solidarity for people for whom childlessness is not a choice.

The three artists making this show are all childless, each of us for different reasons. But we don’t want this to be about our experience, we want it to be a show for everyone living without children.

Therefore, we want to get to know as many people as possible who have experience around this and understand what it means to you.

Yes, whatever your experience of living without children and whatever your gender identity, we want to get to know you! We can all feel nervous about sharing our experiences with other people, or think things like, ‘They wouldn’t want to hear from me’ -­‐ but we will create a supportive and welcoming space… and we are really keen to hear what you’ve got to say.

It’s fine if you’ve never done anything like this before – we’ll make sure you are fully supported and can get involved in ways that feel right for you.

Thursday 25 August | 4 – 6pm | Free

For more information or to book a place email Maria.

You can find more information about the Otherhood project here.

Photo credit: AnnSophieQ on VisualHunt

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