People Can Volunteering Quality Standard

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The People Can Volunteering Quality Standard is the recognised award in volunteer management. The award is for volunteer-involving organisations across the Bradford and District local authority area. The award has been available for several years, it was previously through Volunteering Bradford. This award sits alongside other similar certificates in West Yorkshire, such as those in Leeds and Kirklees.

It recognises good practice in volunteer management; a certificate will be awarded to organisations that demonstrate their volunteering programmes. To achieve the award, you will need to follow the agreed standards. The agreed standard includes the recruitment of volunteers, support & training provided and having written working policies/procedures in place; including a Volunteer Policy or Handbook.

It is freely available for organisations to apply or renew and valid for 3 years, after which an organisation would need to re-apply to ensure their standards are maintained. Community Action Bradford and District alongside Bradford Metropolitan District Council, is the awarding body. For more information or queries about the award, you may contact Community Action’s Volunteering Development Officer, Chris Bulmer on or 07816 045309.

Support and guidance can be provided to help organisations work towards achieving the standard. Find out more about how we can support you.

Want to know more about the Quality Standards and volunteering? NCVO have written an article to give you more information.

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