Statement about Owned/Managed Buildings

Statement about Owned/Managed Buildings

June 29, 2020 Off By admin

This statement applies to the buildings that Community Action owns/manages and that contribute to the trading elements of our business; namely, Little House, Cardigan House and Central Hall. The other premises we use are not let out for income generating purposes (as we are tenants ourselves) and are not including in this statement (Perkin House, Riddings Hall).

Due to COVID-19, the Board of Trustees have decided that buildings will be let in a very different way in the future. This is designed to protect everyone, staff, volunteers and users, from risk of exposure to the virus.

For the long term (ie until we are sure that virus transmission is either effectively controlled or a vaccine is in place), we will no longer allow one-off bookings in any of our premises. Bookings need to be made by regular clients for regular sessions over a number of months and in line with government guidelines that are in force at the time. You will have a means of access to enter the building and manage your own guests/users on your own. You will be responsible for setting up and taking down your own furniture. We will expect you to carry out some hygiene activity during this; we will provide the means to wipe down furniture before and after use. We will be issuing new paperwork in line with these requirements and expect our previous and any new tenants to support this new way of working. If our new ways of operating, do not suit your services we will support you to find another venue.

We will not be providing any refreshments with bookings for the foreseeable future; we will allow organisations to bring in their own tea/coffee and cups as an interim measure, leaving only a kettle for their use.

When guidelines permit the re-opening of the café at Central Hall, we have found a tenant who wishes to perform this function and therefore will not be running it for ourselves.

We will introduce more regular cleaning of communal spaces and multi-rented spaces and talk about cleaning needs of offices. This may affect our charges as we will need to make sure we can cover increased costs. We are unable to provide this at present until we know more about who is returning and when.

This review of buildings has an impact on a number of our staff based in Keighley and Bingley. We kindly request that whilst we complete our changes that you send any queries to either