Steph enjoys her #CharityRecharge!

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You may remember our Charity Recharge campaign from last year. If you don’t, here’s what you need to know.

We wanted to say thank you to some of the amazing people working their socks off to support vulnerable communities across the Bradford District, this is especially true of those who have worked with us to mobilise a momentous support programme for the voluntary and community sector.

What did we do?

We sent out some goodie boxes filled with tea, coffee and a biscuit among other things, and encouraged those who’ve worked so hard to just stop. Take a break, make a cuppa and recharge those batteries.

We sent out around 100 boxes to people from across the voluntary and community sector, local authority, health settings, emergency services and businesses in the district. There was one lucky winner, the holder of the (Yorkshire) Gold teabag, randomly selected and winning a mystery prize, who could it be?

Steph Taylor, Director of Give Bradford came forward to claim her prize!

Steph Taylor receiving her Charity Recharge prize
Steph receiving her Charity Recharge prize from Emma Webster, Community Action at Cake ‘Ole

She was over the moon at winning a voucher for the locally-owned Cake ‘Ole cafe, a further encouragement to take a break and #CharityRecharge while supporting a small business. She had this to say of the win:

“This is wonderful, thank you so much! I would like to acknowledge the lovely gesture and will definitely use the excuse to take a rest and have a nice afternoon tea.

I also want to recognise that there are so many other leaders across the sector who need a break too so in the spirit of what you’ve started, I will be donating the equivalent value to our GiveBradford fund to support resilience in grassroots groups.”

Steph Taylor enjoying her Charity Recharge afternoon tea at Cake 'Ole Bradford
Steph did indeed enjoy her prize, using it to Charity Recharge over afternoon tea at the Cake ‘Ole cafe.

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