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#StillHereToHelp is a campaign that aims to remind people across our district and beyond that local health and care professionals, volunteers and local authority services are #StillHereToHelp.

It’s driven by ‘user generated content’ – where people create the content themselves..

They asking our teams to record a quick video of themselves to camera saying they’re still here for people – just to remind people that our services continue to be available. Each person will then post it on their own social media channel using the hashtag #StillHereToHelp and tagging in the organisation they’re working for/volunteering for so that corporate accounts can re-share.

This is the wording they asking people to use (along with the hashtag/tagging corporate accounts):

Hello my name is [NAME} and I’m a [ROLE] in [ORGANISATION].

They still here to help so don’t wait until it’s too late – get in touch if you need them

,What they asking you to do

They asking local organisations (and beyond) to take part by asking their staff to do a video/photo for social media and share it using the hashtag #StillHereToHelp

To do this, they’ve created some sample newsletter copy and a quick graphic to use on social media to encourage people to take part.

Please share the newsletter copy and ‘taking part’ graphic with your staff to ask them to join in. It would be great to see videos in languages other than English too (they have an Urdu video for you in the resources – see later on in this briefing).

Some organisations are already planning on doing longer videos that sit alongside the staff-generated videos explaining different aspects of services under the #StillHereToHelp banner – this would be great! They’ve done some extra videos at our CCG which you are welcome to use and the original scripts for these are in the resources (see below).

It would be great if you could ask staff to share our GP videos on social media (including WhatsApp too).

They have other resources and examples for you too…


They have developed a suite of resources to sit along with the campaign as well as some of our they videos focused on GP services, including one in Urdu.

All materials are available for download and use from this Google Drive link:

The resources will be added to over the coming days, but for now the following are available:

Example script/explainer (see ‘about’ folder on the drive)

The original idea and script, with the extra two video scripts our CCG is using – feel free to use the medium/long script or amend as you see fit, if they are of use.

The only script that needs to remain across all users taking part is the one intended for user generated content (the short one!)

Graphics and logos

· A SHTH logo both with and without the hashtag on the bottom (under Logos and Icons)

· Each of the separate icons used to build the logo (under Logos and Icons)

· A ‘how to get involved’ social media graphic (under Social Media Graphics)

· Two ‘general’ social posts - one with just the logo, the other using the ‘here to help you, here to help your loved ones, here to help our local communities’ wording (under Social Media Graphics)

· A SHTH banner – for use as cover art on social channels (under Social Media Graphics)


· A short social media video that focuses just on the graphics – combines both static ‘general’ social posts into an animated short video (under Videos)

· Example UGC video from Dr Louise Clarke Example UGC video from Dr Sohail Abbas

· Example UGC video from Dr Dave Tatham

· A Twitter-friendly 30 second video from each of the GPs above (including one in Urdu from Dr Sohail Abbas)

· A longer video featuring all three GPs above explaining providing information on accessing appointments and reassurance that we’re all #StillHereToHelp

Content for staff newsletters (to use alongside the ‘how to get involved’ graphic mentioned above)

· Draft content for your staff newsletters – you’ll just need to add details of your corporate social accounts (handles etc) so staff can tag these in their videos for easy sharing

Hold-up props and colouring sheet

· A print out version of the logo (A4/A3 in both portrait and landscape) for people to use who would prefer not to do a video (please still use the hashtag)

· An A4 colouring in sheet based on the logo for local children (adults too) to use

,What next?

Everything you see in the resources file is free for you to use and if you have any suggestions of what they could do to improve this please let us know.

Everything has been developed within NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG so please feel free to use this as you see fit.

Ultimately, they want to remind people that local services are still here for them so that people get the care and assistance they need during the Covid-19 pandemic and we would love your help with this.

Thank you and please ring if it’s easier to chat this through!

NHS Bradford District and Craven CCG comms team