Telephone Befriending

Telephone Befriending

June 3, 2020 Off By admin

During the Covid-19 emergency, there is a Bradford district-wide community response, to help people with the impact of the virus and connected lock-down. Local hubs connect community groups and services, via a central switchboard at Bradford Council for individuals wanting to offer or access assistance. 01274 431000 for

Older people who are shielded, social isolating, living alone or caring for someone, may suffer loneliness. They lack their usual company from friends, neighbours, family and local groups, at this time. Telephone Befrienders are available for a weekly social call. Community Action hosts the Bingley section of Shipley Area Links (SAL) Befriending scheme led by HALE Project. For those wanting to join, who live in Bingley, from Crossflatts to Cottingley, Eldwick and Gilstead to Harden, Wilsden and Cullingworth, contact Joy Mills

For Shipley area, contact HALE Project ,01274 271088. Check our

Volunteer Role

Lottery Community Fund has supported Shipley Area Links Befriending with various grants from 2009 to 2023.