Zeroclassikal: Divergence with William Rees Hoffman and Deepa Nair Rasiya & Mishra

Zeroclassikal: Divergence with William Rees Hoffman and Deepa Nair Rasiya & Mishra

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A project exploring south Asian classical music in change, progress, transition and influence with bold ideas and approaches, featuring new works by William Rees Hofman and Deepa Nair Raiya & Mishra. Baadal Dvaar se Nazar – A Glimpse Through the Cloud Door

WILLIAM REES HOFMANN – A new work for sarod and viola

Baadal .. explores both tradition and solitude through the dhrupad idiom on the sarod, and openness and experimentation through explorations of consonance, dissonance, harmony, timbre, and resonance on the viola. (Untitled )


 A celebration of Hindustani vocal music traditions with a re-imagined framework for instrumental accompaniment.

Our repertoire undertakes a journey exploring various compositional formats in south Asian  classical vocal music such as Thumri/ Dadra, Khayal- bandish, Tarana etc, with original sections written specifically to showcase the relevance and application of alternative instrumental arrangements to re-imagine traditional accompaniment structures. The four pieces take us through soaring, majestic strains of Raag Shree, a soothing melodious Bageshri,  and onto the joys of a lighter folk piece in Pahadi and a final concluding Bhairavi – all uniquely wrapped in textures of diverse instruments such as the banjo, dobro, low whistle, guitar, santoor, piano and hand percussion. These pieces have been carefully crafted so as to not distort the core characteristics and distinguishing features of South Asian classical music, but to draw out its potentiality in a wider context. 

Sat 6 Nov 2021


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