Bradford (Park Avenue) Chairman Vows to Rise from Relegation

Bradford (Park Avenue) Chairman Vows to Rise from Relegation

April 30, 2024 Off By admin

Bradford (Park Avenue) owner and chairman, Gareth Roberts has publicly acknowledged the pain of successive relegations in a recent statement, vowing to fight for promotion in the upcoming season.

Following another challenging season, the historic club finds itself a division lower, an outcome that has deeply affected everyone associated with it, particularly the loyal fanbase. Despite these setbacks, the club remains focused on financial sustainability and ensuring that fans will have a club to support in long term.

Bradford Park Avenue Owner Gareth Roberts
Bradford Park Avenue Owner Gareth Roberts Addresses A Fans Forum

In a pledge to supporters, Mr Roberts has outlined the club’s aims for the upcoming season, saying:

“We are trying to sustain our club financially but know that first team success is critical, so we will continue to do a reset for next season and aim to win promotion whilst improving club finances.”

Finances will remain central to Avenue’s strategy, but the chairman acknowledged the need to rebuild the squad and seek further investment. He stated:

“As well as finding the best future players, the search for the best future investors will continue, along with improving our balance sheet and our community focus.

Our primary aim is a promotion year and a season where our supporters get to see success from the first team.”

Supporters are undoubtedly eager to see if these promises will materialise into success, both on the pitch and in the broader community. As the club navigates through these pivotal changes, the upcoming season promises to be a critical one for Bradford (Park Avenue), as it seeks to regain its standing and pride.