CROWN/تاج Brings Persian And Contemporary Dance Mix To Bradford

CROWN/تاج Brings Persian And Contemporary Dance Mix To Bradford

March 18, 2024 Off By admin

In an innovative blend of classical Persian dance, contemporary movement, and Sufi traditions, CROWN/تاج is set to captivate audiences with a powerful narrative of displacement, identity, and body sovereignty.

Scheduled for Friday, 24th May at 7:30pm at Mind The Gap, this unique show introduces a pay-what-you-decide pricing model, inviting audiences to engage with the arts in a more accessible and equitable manner.

Directed by Maria Tarokh, a British-Iranian dancer, choreographer, and director with an extensive background in ballet, contemporary, and classical Persian dance, CROWN/تاج embarks on its inaugural tour, showcasing a female-led ensemble. The production is a collaborative effort, featuring remarkable contemporary and classical dancers alongside virtuoso classical Persian musicians. Together, they promise an experience that is at once moving, exhilarating, and energised, set to an original soundtrack of live classical music and electronica.

CROWN/تاج draws inspiration from Persian miniatures, which are small paintings, as well as the lived experiences of its creators, and the evocative poetry of Forough Farrokhzad. Through the performances of its three lead dancers, the production takes the audience on an emotive journey encompassing determination, struggle, and eventual release. It celebrates the transformative power of discovering that ‘home’ is a state of being within oneself, symbolising a reclaiming of what is lost through the experience of displacement.

The production is not only a celebration of female strength and resilience but also serves as a commentary on the universal search for identity and belonging in a world marked by transience. It is co-produced by Dartington Arts and commissioned by Counterpoints Arts, with generous support from Arts Council England.

Maria Tarokh’s artistic journey, marked by her work with refugees and asylum seekers, informs the deeply empathetic and transformative vision of CROWN/تاج. As the founder of Company Scheherazade, Tarokh leverages her vast experience in the performing arts to tell compelling stories of the diaspora and offer new perspectives on displacement. CROWN/تاج, being the flagship production of Company Scheherazade, is the culmination of over three years of dedicated creative effort.

Currently based in Devon, Tarokh is also the Creative Producer of NDP Circus and the Totnes Festival of Arts and Culture. Her work spans theatre, circus, and dance, often integrating site-specific workshops, residencies, and performances at heritage sites across the UK and Europe.

Audiences are encouraged to book tickets in advance for this ground-breaking event, with the unique opportunity to pay what they decide after experiencing the production. This approach not only makes the arts more accessible by allowing attendees to pay what they can afford but also removes the financial risk traditionally associated with purchasing tickets in advance.