The Beauty of Being Herd Comes To Bradford with Songs, Sheep, and Heartfelt Tales

The Beauty of Being Herd Comes To Bradford with Songs, Sheep, and Heartfelt Tales

March 20, 2024 Off By admin

This April, audiences in Bradford and across Yorkshire are in for a unique theatrical experience as “The Beauty of Being Herd” tours the region, promising a blend of original music, comedy, and poignant storytelling.

The show, starring Leeds born Ruth Berkoff, offers an intriguing premise: a woman’s life lived as a sheep, exploring themes of human connection, belonging, and the eternal quest for understanding life’s unwritten rules.

At the heart of this one-woman show lies Hannah, a character who has spent her life attempting to adhere to societal norms, albeit without really understanding them. Her journey is one of optimism, a desperate need to fit in, and the pitfalls of trying too hard. With elements ranging from sheep facts and frolicking to raves and office parties, “The Beauty of Being Herd” navigates through laughter, whimsy, and moments of genuine emotional depth. It’s a performance crafted for anyone who’s ever felt out of place or on the fringe.

Ruth Berkoff, not only the star but also the writer of the show, brings a wealth of experience to the stage. A native of Leeds, her background spans contemporary circus training at Circomedia in Bristol and theatre and clowning at Ecole Philippe Gaulier in France. Berkoff, a former Samaritan and a seasoned pantomime dame, weaves her deep commitment to empathy and her love for humour into the fabric of the show. Her portrayal has been described as “warm-hearted and empathic” by the British Theatre Guide, underscoring her ability to connect with audiences on a personal level.

Ruth’s performance is backed up by the show’s director, Georgia Murphy, who ensures that the performance maintains a playful tone, with songs that began as improvisations, adding a layer of spontaneity and joy. The sound landscape, crafted by Isolde Freeth-Hale, includes a novel sheep synth for the show’s catchy tune “The Thing About Sheep”, hailed by Freeth-Hale as “some of the best research I have ever done”.

Critics and audiences alike have lavished praise on the production. The British Theatre Guide hailed it as “hugely entertaining”, while Fairypowered Productions celebrated its “bizarre, bonkers, and beautiful” nature with a five-star review. Audience members have echoed these sentiments, describing the experience as “absolutely captivating from start to finish”.

“The Beauty of Being Herd” is set to visit several venues across Yorkshire, including the Common Space in Bradford, Rural Arts in Thirsk, and the Hyde Park Book Club. The show runs for one hour without an interval and carries an age guide of 16+ due to references to non-consensual touch. This tour not only promises entertainment but also a journey into the heart of what it means to belong and be understood, wrapped in a package of song, dance, and the universal quest for connection.

Tickets And Further Information:

Tue 23rd April, 7pm – Common Space, Bradford (£6 / 10):

Thu 25th April, 7:30pm – Rural Arts, Thirsk (£8 / £10) – 01845 526536:

Sat 27th April, 7pm – Hyde Park Book Club (£6 / £10):