Football For A Fiver As Avenue Celebrate Non-League Day

Football For A Fiver As Avenue Celebrate Non-League Day

March 21, 2024 Off By admin

Bradford (Park Avenue) is celebrating this year’s Non-League Day by offering football fans a chance to catch their Northern Premier League clash against Worksop Town for just £5.

The match, scheduled for 23 March 2024, takes place on Non-League Day, an initiative founded by James Doe in 2010 to highlight the importance of volunteer-led, community football clubs during the international football break.

Non-League Day has grown significantly since its inception, now enjoying support from a wide range of stakeholders including Premier League and Football League clubs, MPs, celebrities, media organisations, and most crucially, football supporters across all divisions. The day is designed to draw attention to the critical role these clubs play in their communities, providing not only a platform for local football talent but also supporting youth setups and community projects through the revenues generated on match days.

Bradford Park Avenue Player preparing to put a cross in.
Avenue will be determined to take points this Non-League Day as the fight against relegation continues.

The decision by Bradford (Park Avenue) AFC to reduce ticket prices to £5 is in line with Non-League Day’s ethos of making football more accessible and emphasising the community aspect of the game. Without the major sponsorship and merchandising deals enjoyed by larger clubs, many non-league teams rely heavily on matchday income to fund various activities and facilities that benefit the wider community.

The annual event also offers an alternative for fans of higher-tier clubs who may not have matches to attend due to the international break. It’s an opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of non-league football, where fans can enjoy the game in a more relaxed and personal setting. Features such as the traditional 3pm kick-off time, the possibility to stand and watch the game from any point in the ground, and the realistic ticket prices, underline the day’s appeal to a broad spectrum of football fans.

Furthermore, the initiative encourages fans of the Premier League and the Football League to support their local non-league sides on an ongoing basis, highlighting the quality of football and the passion that exists at all levels of the game. For many, the day is not just about watching football; it’s about supporting the grassroots level of the sport and recognising the vital contribution these clubs make to their communities.

As clubs across the country prepare to welcome supporters for Non-League Day, Avenue’s offer of £5 tickets is a compelling invitation for Bradfordians to experience the heart and soul of community football.

Credits: Photos by John Rhodes