Wharfe Valley Pathways Support Project to Close in Ilkley

Wharfe Valley Pathways Support Project to Close in Ilkley

March 21, 2024 Off By admin

Wharfe Valley Pathways, a crucial support service for individuals facing health and wellbeing challenges in Ilkley and surrounding areas, has announced it will be closing its doors due to funding restructuring.

Since its inception in 2021, the project has been a lifeline for many, offering a broad spectrum of support services ranging from mental health, housing and benefits assistance to access to food banks, substance use recovery, domestic abuse support, health and wellness guidance, and referrals to specialised organisations.

The initiative, praised for its accessible and non-judgemental approach, has significantly impacted the local community. To date, it has supported 164 individuals through group sessions, provided one-on-one assistance to 83 people, and welcomed 151 attendees to its drop-in services.

One attendee shared their experience, highlighting the programme’s inclusive and supportive nature:

“Since I started coming I’ve felt really comfortable and the group has not been judgmental. It’s helped me manage my anxiety, it’s just like having the tool kit.

I am listening and learning from other people and they’re able to relate to what’s happening for me. I feel included and my confidence has improved.”

The closure has prompted acknowledgements and thanks to several key supporters, including the NHS Integrated Care Board, Wharfedale Community Health Partnership, Christchurch Ilkley, Primary Care Network, Social Prescribers, Carers’ Resource, and the residents of Ilkley and nearby areas. These partnerships have been fundamental in the project’s ability to reach and support the community.

Wharfedale Wellness Together to take up the reigns

Despite the upcoming cessation of Wharfe Valley Pathways on the 28th of March 2024, the legacy of support will continue. The initiative’s partner, Mental Health Connect, is set to launch ‘Wharfedale Wellness Together’ from the 4th of April 2024. This new endeavour will operate from Christchurch in Ilkley, offering group support sessions every Thursday morning. Designed to be a welcoming space for those feeling low or isolated, Wharfedale Wellness Together aims to maintain the ethos of accessible support on a drop-in basis.

For individuals seeking one-on-one support, referrals can still be made via the Mental Health Connect website or by sending an email to mentalhealthconnect@khl.org.uk.

For more information on Wharfedale Wellness Together and other support services, interested parties are encouraged to follow Keighley Healthy Living for updates on Facebook or contact them directly through their website.