Volunteers’ Week Blog 7: Shahnaz

Volunteers’ Week Blog 7: Shahnaz

June 7, 2021 Off By admin

Shahnaz writes about the massive difference that just a small amount of volunteering can make.

I became a volunteer with Mind in Bradford because I was interested in the mental health aspect of wellbeing. 

My first personal contact with Mind in Bradford was when I arrived for my interview. During this process it was clear that they have passion for their work and wanted to work with volunteers to ensure their work was widespread. 

Training was provided and all safeguarding checks were made before a firm offer for volunteering was accepted.

I have found volunteering a rewarding experience as just half an hour of my time hopefully made a huge difference to somebody, especially in these unprecedented times. It provides someone with some quality time to chat about things without the pressure of being judged, and an opportunity to provide compassion and comfort to others is invaluable.

I have strengthened my listening skills, resilience and gratitude for all the blessings we have. 

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