Volunteers’ Week Blog 6: Paul

Volunteers’ Week Blog 6: Paul

June 4, 2021 Off By admin

Paul writes about volunteering as a befriender has helped to alleviate his own feelings of loneliness, as well as that of his befriendees.

It was following a long spell of therapy that I made the decision to get involved with a mental health charity, when the time was right, a time when I could dedicate some time to it.  

It was only by chance that I was talking to someone who was volunteering at Community Companions and suggested I gave Mind in Bradford a ring, where I spoke to the Volunteer Co-ordinator Donna. Within a few weeks I was on the volunteers list contacting people and helping them through lockdown, giving them support. There are some incredibly lonely people out there with mental health issues, I remember saying to my wife after the first week I want to do more to help these people and so my journey with Mind in Bradford continues. I’m fortunate that I can pick and choose how many hours a week I want to work now, it can feel lonely sometimes, but volunteering with Mind in Bradford has given me a feeling of belonging and a sense of satisfaction and achievement. 

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