Volunteers’ Week Blog 5: Olivia

Volunteers’ Week Blog 5: Olivia

June 4, 2021 Off By admin

Olivia writes about the difference she can see in her befriendee after supporting her each week.

My volunteering journey began when I sadly lost a friend to a long battle with mental health; she was always trying to give her time to others so I wanted to try my best to do that in her place, which is when I reached out to the wonderful services at Mind in Bradford. 

I wanted to apply my free time to help other individuals with their own battles and offer support, which led me to applying for the Community Companions befriender role which is where you are paired with an individual to offer friendly one-to-one support. This can be support relating to loneliness, encouraging them to get involved in activities or to help build friendships.

My experience at Mind in Bradford has not only been rewarding but I have also seen an improvement in my befriendees’ confidence and happiness. I can see that the service has given them hope and most importantly, somebody to talk to during difficult times. 

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