We Are Different CIC Seeks Funding To Create Educational Film

We Are Different CIC Seeks Funding To Create Educational Film

March 26, 2024 Off By admin

A Yorkshire-based Community Interest Company has put a call out for funding support as it launches an initiative to enrich children’s education with principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.

We Are Different CIC aims to provide schools and local community groups across Yorkshire with free to use interactive creative materials, including a short animated film inspired by an original story, “The Man Who Was Different” by Mark Currie.

The story, centred around celebrating individuality and embracing diversity, serves as a cornerstone for the project’s mission. It teaches children to be proud of their differences and to understand their unique place in a multicultural society. This initiative is specially designed to align with the personal, health, social, and economic (PHSE) education curriculum targeting Key Stage 2 students. It covers a broad spectrum of self-esteem issues such as discrimination, stereotyping, anti-bullying, identity, and respect.

Chris Dyson, former headteacher at Parklands Primary School in Leeds, praised the initiative:

“The Man who was Different is a must read for all Primary Schools in Post Covid Britain. It covers a whole range of self esteem issues, positivity, anti bullying and covers most aspects of the PHSE curriculum. It gives a Child’s Voice to a school setting, it encourages discussion and reflection whilst covering important issues in a young adults new mind set. The next logical step is to see this created as an interactive film which will promote the message to the next level by reaching and stimulating children who work in different ways”

Speaking to The Bradfordian, the books author and founder of We Are Different said:

“The We Are Different project is not just about storytelling; it’s about creating an immersive experience that stimulates discussion and reflection, thereby enhancing the mental health and wellbeing of children. The use of interactive films aims to engage children who learn in diverse ways, ensuring the message of acceptance and understanding is universally accessible.”

We Are Different CIC is currently seeking support and funding to complete their package of creative resources. Upon completion, these resources will be distributed free of charge to the schools and communities that need them most, ensuring widespread access to this vital educational material.

Organisations interested in contributing to this impactful cause are encouraged to contact Mark Currie at wearedifferentcic@proton.me for more information on how they can support this noble initiative to foster a more inclusive and understanding generation.