We have our own beer!

March 18, 2022 Off By admin

We’ve partnered with Northern Monk to make a #Bradford2025 beer, with chef Sonia Sandhu and graphic artist Ben Holden. 

The beer is a love letter to the unique food culture of Bradford – the habits, rituals, creativity, and sensory experiences that we share as a district – and celebrates Northern Monk’s roots there and the City’s diversity by recreating the flavours of South East Asian kulfi in an alcohol-free beer.

Chef and food entrepreneur Sonia Sandhu worked with the brewery and Bradford 2025 team to identify flavour profiles that would represent Bradford. Flavours synonymous with the traditional Bengali Ras Malai, a popular sweet delicacy – cardamon, rose water, saffron or pistachio – were the starting point, but it was the taste of mango kulfi that won out.