COVID Test and Trace Grants, releasing funds - the rules, step by step guide! The COVID Test and Trace upper limit has been increased to £500.

This is partly in response to increased concerns around the emergence of the Delta variant; we want to ensure residents/ communities have as much support as possible from their grass-roots groups to help them through this period.

This increase may be temporary, we will be monitoring the situation to ensure the grant is flexible enough to respond to the emerging needs of the situation and communities/ residents. The role of the Community Anchors will remain the same as will the application process.

Applicants must still apply through their anchor organisations; this allows us to ensure organisations/ grass-roots groups remain supported and that they understand fully the criteria they must work around/ to.

The process for applying for and receiving funding is being managed by The VCS Alliance. If there is any part of this guidance or the process generally which you would like clarification on, please check the FAQs section at the end of this guidance.

Community Anchor organisations can also provide help and guidance. If you need to contact The VCS Alliance for any reason please email

You can download the full Guidance for Applicants for much more in depth guidance.